Mature Driver



B Line Traffic Schools Mature Driver Improvement Course

If you are a mature driver age 55 or older, taking B Line Traffic School’s mature driver improvement course can help you to qualify for a reduction in your auto insurance premiums. We all know that when times are tough it is a good idea to save money in any way possible. Taking this course could lower your insurance premiums for 3 years, which could save you money you may need to use elsewhere. Insurance companies set their own discounts, so the amount may vary. If you want to take advantage of this discount, you should ask your insurance agent how much you can save by taking an approved mature driver course.

State of California Approved

The State of California DMV has approved the online mature driver course offered by B Line Traffic Schools. This means that when you complete the course you will receive your official DMV certificate and everything you need for the insurance company to process your insurance discount. According to state law, insurers are required to provide a discount to mature drivers who complete a state-approved course based on certain criteria. The discount applies for a period of three years unless certain infractions occur. After three years a mature driver may retake an approved course in order to remain eligible for the insurance discount.

Benefits of a Mature Driver Course

When you take the B Line mature driver improvement course you will not only improve your driving skills but you will also get a refresher course on the rules of the road and any recent changes to those rules. You will learn about the changes to driving that occur as a person ages. Age naturally brings changes to such things as vision, hearing, reaction time, and memory. This course will help you understand those changes and how to compensate for them. Safety equipment that vehicles currently carry may be discussed and information on what to do in case of emergency will be imparted. Understanding the evolution of traffic patterns and how to drive defensively will also be very beneficial in helping you stay safe when you drive. As part of the course you will receive information on distracted driving and the effects that such things as fatigue, medication, or alcohol may have on driving. In effect, this course can help you reduce the possibility of violating traffic laws or being injured in an accident.

Features of the Mature Driver Course

  • Easy to understand online registration
  • Complete course offered online
  • Access from any computer with internet access for complete flexibility
  • Work at your own speed
  • Easy to navigate site helps you find the course materials you need
  • Your work is saved automatically so that you can start exactly where you were the last time you used the program
  • Chapters are short and easy to read
  • Material includes a variety of media types including video, audio, graphics, and animation to assist with engagement and learning
  • Each chapter is followed by a short multiple-choice quiz
  • 25 question final exam covers all material
  • Passing the course is guaranteed because all quizzes and the final exam may be taken an unlimited number of times
  • Customer service representatives are always standing by to answer your questions and provide assistance through email, live chat, or by phone
  • The completion certificate will be mailed to you after you pass the final exam
  • Details of your course completion needed for your insurance company will also be mailed to you

Why Take an Online Course?

Taking a mature driver improvement course online has many benefits over taking the same course in a classroom. When you take the course in a classroom you are limited to attending when and where the class is being held. If the course location is a long distance from your home, it may be difficult to get there. When you take the B Line Traffic Schools course online, you can work on it at your leisure. Whether you want to complete the entire course in one day or you prefer to spread it out over several days, it is totally up to you. If you have extra time at work you can login to your account and work on your current chapter for a few minutes. If you like to sit at your computer in your dressing gown and sip a cup of coffee while you work through the material, you can do so with an online course. In addition, you don’t have to worry about testing anxiety because you can take the tests in your own time and as often as needed. If you are struggling with certain portions of the material, you can review those sections over and over again until you have them committed to memory.

If you have a good driving record and want to take advantage of premium reductions on your auto insurance, taking our mature driver improvement course can give you the certification you need. Register with B Line Traffic Schools today.